hi! this is a carrd aimed to educate people on nonbinary, genderfluidity, genderflux and girlflux!

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i made this carrd when i identified as girlflux, but i no longer use that label. if you have any questions about girlflux or anything else explained on this carrd, you can ask me at @nezkuoz on twitter or on my curiouscat. please check the faq at the end before asking questions.


everyone's experiences with being girlflux may be different, but i'm writing this based off of resources that i can find online + my personal experiences. that doesn't mean that you have to 100% share the same experiences that i described. take your time to figure out your gender identity, you don't have to rush yourself into using a label, nor do you ever have to use a label. this carrd was just made to educate people on girlflux.

additionally, english is not my first language.


girlflux is a nonbinary gender. before you can fully understand girlflux, you should know about what nonbinary is.

do you know what nonbinary means?

what is nonbinary?

being nonbinary means that you don't FULLY or PERMANENTLY identify with a binary gender. our gender experiences are different than binary male or binary female. some nonbinary people may also identify as trans, as their gender doesn't align with the gender they were assigned at birth.

nonbinary is not a third gender nor does it always mean being genderless, it is a spectrum and an umbrella term for many genders such as agender, bigender, demigender and genderfluid and more. nonbinary can be used as a standalone term, and a nonbinary person can be unaligned, female aligned, male aligned or use other labels as those listed earlier.

nonbinary people don't have to use they/them pronouns, we can use whatever pronouns that make us comfortable, which includes neopronouns (what are neopronouns?).

nonbinary people are included in and can be of any sexual orientation, which includes but isn’t limited to: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and more.

do you understand nonbinary better now?

girlflux is a type of genderfluidity. before you can fully understand girlflux, you should know about what genderfluid is.

do you know what genderfluid means?

what is genderfluid?

being genderfluid means that your gender isn’t fixed or static and it can flows from one gender to another, whether it’s from a binary gender to another binary gender, from a nonbinary gender to a binary gender, or from a nonbinary gender to another nonbinary gender.

the changes and flows between genders can be extremely quick or extremely slow, and genderfluid people can feel certain genders for a short period of time or for a longer amount of time.

genderfluidity can include xenogenders as they are nonbinary genders. (what are xenogenders?)

as a genderfluid person's gender flows over time, it's best to ask what they're currently feeling + if they prefer different pronouns!

do you understand genderfluid better now?

girflux is a type of genderflux! are you ready to learn about what genderflux means + its difference from genderfluid?

what is genderflux?

genderflux can be seen as a form of genderfluidity where the intensity of one's gender can change over time. an easy way to conceptualize genderflux is by imagining gender on a scale of intensity that ranges from 0% (feeling fully disconnected from a gender, agender) to 100% (feeling a gender fully/intensely).

similar to genderfluid, genderflux people's genders can fluctuate at varying speeds (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) and they can experience a gender identity for varying periods of time (from hours, to days, to weeks, to months or even more).

the difference between genderfluid and genderflux is that genderflux involves the fluctuation of the intensity of gender identity while genderfluid flows between different gender identities.

there are many subsets to genderflux, which include: girlflux, boyflux, bigenderflux, fluidflux, agenderflux, multiflux and more.

for example; a girlflux person can fluctuate between being female and agender, can experience a gender that's between the two (such as demigirl), but cannot fluctuate into being male. if you experience genderflux for multiple genders or fluctuate from one gender to another and experience that gender at varying intensities, you may be looking for the term multiflux or fluidflux.

contrary to what you'll see on many gender related pages, i personally don't think that girlflux has to mean a gender where "a person can feel mostly or completely female most of the time but experiences varying degrees of female identity" because that doesn't exactly match with genderflux's definiton, but you're free to form your own ideas on it.

have you understood genderflux and girlflux now?

here are some sources that you can check:

genderflux - gender wiki
genderflux - nonbinary wiki
multiflux - gender wiki
genderfluid - gender wiki
genderfluid - nonbinary wiki

and many more! you're free to do your own research :)

frequently asked questions:

please don't ask me any of the questions that i answered here, as i will be ignoring your messages/curiouscat messages. i cannot tell you your own gender identity. please do not treat me like a google search bar. i don't know everything.

1) what is the difference between demigirl and girlflux?
demigirl is an identity where you feel partially but not fully connected to being female/womanhood. it is a static identity, there are no fluctuations. girlflux on the other hand can fluctuate between agender and female, also includes xenogenders.

2) can i be afab and girlflux? wouldn't that make me cis?
yes, you can be afab and girlflux. no, that wouldn't make you cis because girlflux is a nonbinary identity.

3) can i be girlflux and (sexuality)?
yes! that's valid! unless you're bi/pan lesbian of course.

4) does girlflux include xenogenders?
yes! you can identify as both girlflux and a xenogender, or xenogenders can be a part of yor fluctuations! your gender experience is very personal and you can define it however you wish to.

5) can i be girlflux and use she/her, he/him, they/them or neopronouns?
yes to all four of those! you can use whatever pronouns you like regardless of your gender.

6) how can i tell that i'm girlflux and not (other gender)?
take your time exploring your gender and see what labels suit you best! try them on like clothes! don't be afraid of changing labels, change them as many times as you need!

7) can i be girlflux and prefer (gendered terms) and not (gendered terms)?
of course! you can be girlflux and still prefer to be called masculine terms, feminine terms or gender neutral terms! it's completely independent from your gender!

8) what is demigirlflux?
i'm not educated enough on this identity to tell anyone what it is, so if you ask questions about it, they will be ignored.

thank you for reading this carrd!

thank you for taking this time to learn more about nonbinary, genderfluid, genderflux and girlflux! if you still have any questions about anything i explained, feel free to dm me at @nezkuoz on twitter or leave your question in my curiouscat! please don't ask the questions that i answered in the faq, as i will be ignoring them.

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